Wednesday, April 16, 2008


So I finally get around to going to Teasers, at a couple of colleagues invite, and when I get here, all I get is beer! It seems the Dutch government banned the bodyshots and topless serving there. Too bad. The girls ain't what hulf promised (am I getting you in trouble know luv ?) , but at least I got this one to smile and dance for me. And pose for a lousy photo.

Coco is a dancer, (this sounds like a song title...) and a waitress. She's also very nice and cheerful. So it was worth the 6 euros. (the beer god damn it, what else would I've meant?)

On a side note, today I found two dutch kids (in their late teens) who speak portuguese. I wish I went to school in a country where you can learn just about any language you want.


Restelo said...

Yep, he's in BIG trouble!!

JP Antunes said...

Don't give him a hard time. It's TOO easy to get a little lost in here. You'll see... I'll make a point of it!!! :-)

Hulf said...

With friend like this I don't need enemies.
It's not my fault the Dutch policies.
What's next no drugs??????

JP Antunes said...

You're lucky I managed to make friends with the club manager and get a free beer you know? Otherwise I would be very pissed at you. 6 eur for a pint and .50 to go to the bathroom? arghh Everything in amsterdam has a price...
Actually there's this whole movement to stop prostitution in the RLD, but not a single word is said about the drugs or gambling... I'm guessing this comes from a couple of junkie wankers!