Sunday, November 12, 2006

Open Mind

This blog is mostly about me and my opinions. Due to my interests being mostly tech related,my writing obviously reflects that, of course.

But i do have other things on my mind, and while some of them are nothing that i would want to publish here, others, such as my opinion about voluntary interruption of pregnancy, or abortion (because that's what it's called) is.

Basically it all sums up to a couple of questions:

Is the life, and quality of life, of a woman (or couple) more important than the future of an embryo?
Is our government doing all it should regarding sexual education?
Should people who want to be responsibly able to have "freedom of choice" be compared to murderers? What about child molesters?
NO and NO.

So how come when a woman needs to get an abortion, she will either have to go to Spain (or England) or suffer at the hands of some illegal clinic or worse (and i know much, much worse...)
Who profits from this, really?

Illegal clinics ? yes

Those butcher who every year send hundreds of women to hospitals with internal mutilation and other complications? yes

Any others?

open software everywhere

One of the biggest surprises that my new job had stored for me, was the abundant usage of open source software all over the infrastructure!

I mean, I expected to be one or two apaches in there, but found that there were only one type of web server that would do the trick. Apache. It makes perfect sense.
But that's not all, we (damn..I'm one of them...) use:

The list could go on, but you get the picture.

But what I'm most proud of, is that they are now beginning to know and love ruby. And that was thanks to me :o)