Saturday, April 19, 2008

100th post. with pics

Since joining my new work here in Amsterdam I've been trough some amazing stuff. This is my life in the last week. In pictures because I'm tired and slightly drunk.

Some of the guys at work. In this case the sweeds.

What to do here before you die, money allows... that is

The smallest pub in town. not so bad.. Going to the bathroom, now there's a challenge for any wannabe climber!

I know a'dam is a fucking playground.. but this is ridiculous. A ferris wheel and other amusements in the center of the square!


Restelo said...

Eu quero ir a esse Pub!! LINDO!!

JP Antunes said...

É demais. Claro que a ida ao wc só por si merece a visita... mas é de facto um bom sitio para beber uma pint! á falta do vinho alentejano que não me mandam...