Tuesday, November 13, 2007

toad codebits day 1 - random thoughts

Well, in and out of the first day of Sapo Codebits, or Toad, and a few thoughts sprung to mind.

I'm gonna do this the old school way of dividing in a The Good, The Bad, The Ugly sort of way, so..

The Good :
- Getting to know fellas like Diogo, Luis, the segway dude, Samuel and the lovely Mono Hacker, and meeting up with "the" PHP Man , the Python Evangelist Extraordinaire, Franc and the hacker behind some of the funniest storys I've heard and of course, the geekiest guy I know Cafonso
- Mike Culver's Presentation. That was what I was there for.

The Bad :
- The Wireless bandwidth available.
- The food.
- Did I mention the low bandwidth (well, the codebits page is kind of remeniscent of a heyday of 16k modems, but come on!!)

The Ugly :
- PT's Pulso app.
I mean, the app/system in itself looks great and seems to be a wonderful piece of enterprisey software, but PT taking advantage of Open Source Software to build a great product and then selling it? What are they giving back to the community? Bug-fixes? Is that enough for such a big company? Shouldn't we expect a little more? Ok, this is just one more reason why I don't like PT, Sapo or any of the PTM companies.

Final verdict:
- If you were there, probably you had fun. If you weren't ,don't feel too bad. It's a well over hyped event.

I'll be back tomorrow, and hopefully I'll be able to catch up again with some of the folks I've met today and be able to see some more presentations.

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