Thursday, November 29, 2007

5 Favorite Movies? Hum... You bet!

I've been seeing a couple of bloggers posting about their favourite movies of all time, and I felt like doing my own "best of" list. The principle is easy: name your 5 favorite films of all time, say something about them and if possible link to their official site or something.
I've also added a couple more rules: Wait until every other blogger in the world have done their own list; Try not to judge their intellect on how bad their choices generally where.

So, having said this, here it goes but in no special order:

* Animatrix
The whole series. All 9 episodes. Loved them and I honestly think it was the best thing coming out from the matrix.

* Fight Club
Pure genious. The book is great, but Edward Norton and Brad Pitt together are better. Let anarchy rule!

* Ghost In The Shell
This one actually changed my life. Very seminal. And the artwork is so inspiring.

*American History X
Again Edward Norton with a great role as a repenting skinhead. Both entertaining and touching. The scene that shows Edward's character grinning as he gets arrested after murdering a man is so scary it definitely makes up for the predictable finale.

* Natural Born Killers
This is how a legend is born. Although Tarantino didn't direct this film, it was is big success as he was the writer. Best Soundtrack ever, courtesy of Mr. Reznor.

* Trainspotting
Here I must concede that the movie lacks in comparison to the book. Still a great movie with a message that changed my mind about what I wanted out of life.
"Choose life. Choose a job. Choose a career. Choose a family. Choose a fucking big television". Check, check, check and... check.

* Deconstructing Harry
Definitely one of Master Allen's masterworks. If you don't laugh trough it, you may be brain-dead and not realize it.

Takeshi Kitano, or Beat Kitano as he referes to himself writes, plays and is the meanest yakuza in the world. Ever.


Tiago Sousa said...

Também adorei o American Histoy X, grande história, grande elenco, grande lição de vida...

JP Antunes said...

De facto é um grande filme. Gosto muito da maneira como a personagem evolui ao longo da história e como isso afecta as suas relações com o restante elenco.

A nivél de argumento acho que só falha o final porque me parece demasiado previsivel. Opiniões!