Wednesday, May 07, 2008

Rather lovely thing

Lately I've found great pleasure in telling little stories about how fun and adventurous my life has been since I've moved to Amsterdam. I usually also put in some pictures illustrating my days and try to serve them up as alternative postcards from my life in this city. Today is no different, just special.

Friday was a quiet day, the city was still recovering from Queen's day and, to break away with the boredom the Postal Service decided to deliver my two really big and important packages to my next door neighbor. This is a thing they do here. If you're not home, your mail packages will get delivered to the next door. You have to explicitly opt out of this behavior if you want to avoid meeting people in this sort of circumstances.

You don't see it, but inside these heaven stood. To be more precise, a Nespresso machine and my beloved Tango

The highlights of saturday include me finding that there will be a Portuguese day at Osdorp's own library. It's funny how little things can catch you off guard like this. Other little things that can catch you like this are love, poppers and bitterness. But I don't want to talk about neither.

Had it been Turkey, and I would not have been surprised. I mean, this is Osdorp! (read in a spartan way)

On sunday I went to Van Gogh's museum, and I must admit I had some mixed feelings about it. I fell in love with Millais. And I was totally amazed by the quality of the Photo exhibit Me, Ophelia. I had no idea of whom Millais was, but seeing his masterpiece, Ophelia, took me places. I saw Nick Cave planting a rose in Kylie's mouth, I understood PJ Harvey's "To bring you my love" artwork and I found Van Gogh to be a total bore in comparison.

Taken from flicker's John Everett Millais group. Photo by Frank Van Eykelen

Sunday was both mother's day and my birthday so I had plenty of reasons to feel down but I didn't. I had the most perfect day I could ask for, and I wouldn't take the time to have sangria in the park if Lou asked me himself.

All day I kept remembering that I was once told by an old lady that all I can cherish in life are the moments I have with my friends and the people I love because nothing I could ever buy will stay with me when I close my eyes. She never saw an iPhone, that's for sure, but I couldn't stop thinking just how right she was.

"if I show you the roses will you follow?"

So finally, here are some Sam Taylor-Wood's, to wrap your mind around something nice before you go to sleep.

Self Portrait Suspended I

Bram Stoker's chair


Restelo said...

AAHHHHH I SO have to see this exibition!!!!

JP Antunes said...

come on then! vai ser bom voltar la e desta vez ver a exposição :o) ja agora se souberes de alguma exposição da Sam Taylor-Wood ou dos YBA avisa. fiquei curioso, no minimo.