Wednesday, May 14, 2008


Must be made. And you only know if you were right when it's done. Yet sometimes life makes it easier on you.

For instance, I was planning on going go to Osdorp's Library event on Portugal and portuguese culture tomorrow. Maybe meet up with some countrymen (and women) and basically see what's up.

But then I got an invitation for dinner at Fifteen. If you don't know Fifteen, than the naked chef hasn't caught up with you yet. It will. It's inevitable.

Well, since it's on the company dow, I really have no choice. If I had it would still be the same, I guess.

Does it make you cry?


Restelo said...

Eu por acaso gosto mais do Gordon Ramsey...

JP Antunes said...

ok, trocamos receitas... :o)

o sitio não é mau, mas a experiencia não vale outro post, por isso deixo aqui mesmo a apreciação geral do jantar....

Bom ambiente
Bom staff :o)
Vinho razovel
Optimas entradas
Peixe espada quase cru. E eu até que gosto de sashimi mas não me apetecia mesmo nada...
Ja falei do staff?