Thursday, April 12, 2007

Old School To-Do List

I figure that if I write down my tasks, I'll be forced (by punishment of public embarrassment) to _really_ do them. This will hopefully get me out of LMP(*) and into GTD mode.

To Do:
- Install Edubuntu on a old iMac G3 to offer as a birthday present to my 6 year old cousin;
- Finnish reading Everyday Scripting with Ruby;
- Create a script to automate data extraction and transformation and creation of Excel graphics at work;
- Replace a myriad of Judoscript, Groovy, bash and Perl scripts with well documented Ruby scripts at work (It will look good in my resumé.. "the guy who introduced #a banking institution# to ruby");
- (finally) Take the admission exams for College;
- Help in the translation of to Portuguese;

(*)LMP .: Last Minute Panic - the major driving force for lazy creative geeks :o)


Cafonso said...

Joaquim vale ou não a pena acompanhar este blog:

JP Antunes said...

Boas Carlos! Bem vindo.

O site parece-me optimo, ainda não testei nenhuma das dicas dadas (o tempo... o tempo...) mas vale a pena!