Sunday, August 17, 2008

Oh happy days

Ok, so I went to Den Haag this Saturday just to leave Amsterdam for a bit. And in a good time did I do so. If you don't know already, The Hague (as it is also referred to) is the capital of Holland and one of the most beautiful cities I've ever been.

Even I could pass laws with that view..

If you ever get to go there be sure to visit the big church (Grotekerk) and the parliament house. Really very nice. Also, while in the neighborhood be sure to check the cool shopping district, specially the "Passage". At one end you will find the iFactors Apple Retail Store where you can just walk in and buy an iPhone (at this moment, the iPhone is sold out everywhere in Amsterdam, this is why I was surprised of just going into a store and getting out with one in less than one hour)

It's that one to the right!

So, cutting a short story shorter, I am now a proud owner of a black 16 GB 3G iPhone. Hurray for me!

I still haven't played enough with it to make up my mind if this was actually a good buy or just a long time fetish that I could finally obtain (god knows I've had this doubt in my mind for several other items...) but so far, with the help of some really cool free apps I've been having a blast with it. At the very least it will replace my old iPod in my pocket everyday.. not sure if I want to give up my "normal" much lighter, much smaller phone yet.. And the PSP might stay at home more often, at least for those short train trips it's not worth the bother anymore since I'm not even that much of a player...

Either his hands are bigger or his iPhone is smaller...

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