Tuesday, August 14, 2007

that's cool


Are you using OS X to develop the next big Rails app and need ImageMagick, RMagick and friends?

Well, just point your browser to rubyforge and download the rmagick-osx-installer package, unzip it and read the fine manual. If you have all the pre-requisites, "sudo run" the installer script and then... go out for a coffee.

When you're back you'll have the following log in your terminal windows:

libpng was installed successfully
libjpeg was installed successfully
ghostscript was installed successfully
ghostscript-fonts-std was installed successfully
FreeType was installed successfully
libwmf was installed successfully
ImageMagick was installed successfully
RMagick was installed successfully
Removing rm_install_tmp directory...Done

That simple.


Mário said...

Or you can use Locomotive with the RMagick package, which is also dead easy! :-)

JP Antunes said...

Well.. yes but I've always had some gripes with Locomotive, namely the whole "pack" philosophy, meaning that I had to use their console to have a rails console, and I couldn't replace it with iTerm.

Then there's always the point that with Locomotive you don't install imagemagick for use with other development platforms or languages. In fact you don't even know what compile flags where used (is there support for tiffs ?)

But it boils down to a question of personal preferences, i think.