Thursday, March 22, 2007

So many ideas and so little time (edited)

I've been having some good (i think) ideas for posts this past week, but haven't found the time to fully elaborate on any of them so I'll just leave the topics here for now and will try to get back to some of these subjects as time allows it.

Is Google evil? I mean, it can't really be a bastion of open source with so many closed source programs and patents. It's not all about free beer people...

Microsoft sponsored site profiling Linux adopters, but I guess they missed (at least) one.
The type that enough about MSFT that it avoids direct contact as much as possible.

Is there a conspiracy between apple keyboards and planeta asterisco?
I mean, have you looked at the "P" key on those things?

It's now 4 years since operation "Lasting Freedom" started. that must be the longest running act of terrorism in history (if you disregard the catholic church, that is). What? you still think a couple of Arabs planned 9/11???

A good friend pointed out a "default-is-stupid" moment on Firefox. And provides the fix. Got to love that.

Allgarve. Oldporto. Lisbonafied. Why didn't anyone think of it before?? oh yeah... it sucks.

Ian Murdock (that the "ian" in Debian) joined Sun. Is it me or is Debian slowly stepping into the void?

osx tips and tricks
compiling ports and don't have /usr/libexec/config.guess ?? (Or config.sub for that matter)
(from the command line)
cd /usr/libexec
cp /usr/share/automake-1.6/config.sub .
cp /usr/share/automake-1.6/config.guess .

Customizing OS X's behavior from the command line
defaults.write galore....

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