Friday, January 12, 2007

oh yeah?

Well yes, i have to say something about the omnipresent iPhone.

To start with, i don't think it's all that great.

I mean, i was reading the macworld live feed when it was announced and my heart wouldn't stop pounding with the excitement as the feature set was announced... and that was why i chose not to blog about it until now.

I knew from previous experience that wheenever apple releases a new product, i get terribly excited, but as soon as i am able to make a clear-headed analysis i come to the conclusion that it ai't such a big thing at all.

For now i'll just say that it's a great new iPod. And it makes phone calls. It is not a great new device that will revolucionize the way people use the phone. Or the PDA.

Maybe when it gets to europe, Apple will realize that they will need something more to compete in the mobile phone market. There are already similar offering from other manufacturers.

And on the Blue Corner, we've had some recent announcements that didn't mean a thing to me.

Vista ? Don't think ill even touch it anytime soon (unless i get one of these).

Windows Home Server ? What?? Pay to have another brick at home?? Does it have the same power saving features as other Windows?

And what is it with that backup utility?

Seriously now. The idea isn't new but it is great. Have you heard of FreeNAS ? All you need is old cheap hardware and some googling!

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