Tuesday, October 10, 2006

skype reads your mail... err .. web-pages

Today I learned that a new feature in skype announced in their web-page as a " a “cool new thing"” actually (and obtrusively) reads the content of the web-pages you visit.

How it works, is that whenever the daemon reads a number that it thinks is a phone number, it automatically adds a link to the page allowing the user to make a skype phone call to that number.

But what it also does (and that could be just bad programming...), is that when your visiting a page (lets say that its your e-banking page), it searches for numbers (for instance, your bank account number and that it'’s something like 0351214412233) and then offers you to call someone Portugal (international country code 351) with the phone number 214412233.

What that reveals is not a wonderful feature that skype now brings you, but that you privacy is not so private when you use their software.

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